Rescue Tempelhof Airport

Support Tempelhof Airport become Part of the

UNESCO World Cultural Heritage


Proclamation and Petition

Tempelhof Airport should be a living part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

As citizens of Berlin and responsible interested parties, we call on the appropriate authorities in Berlin, in the German Federation and in Central Government to maintain Berlin-Tempelhof Airport as a functioning, unique, cultural historical monument and to promote the inclusion of the Airport with the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

As the world’s oldest commercial airfield, Tempelhof Airport was not only a technical milestone. The Airport is above all symbolic for the modern history of Berlin, Germany and the world.

Although its history up until the present day has not always been providential, the Airport is, none the less, an historical testament and witness of a central source of the identity of Berlin.

As citizens, we demand that our political representatives preserve the present site of this historical monument for future generations as a functional entity. The inclusion in the UNESCO Heritage list will be the global expression of this intent

Berlin, February 2008

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